The Green Fields of France
In 2007 Pete listened to the Dropkick
Murphy's "Warrior's Code" CD.
When he heard their cover of the
Eric Bogle song "The Green Fields
of France" he knew he had to make
a film about it. He contacted the DKM
and Eric Bogle and obtained
permission to use the song. He
dumped his original script in favor of
shooting on the fly, improvising the
shots. He used photos he took
during his time in the Army and of
family members, combined with
archive film of US Marines in Korea
during a dream sequence. The film is
currently playing on Comcast Ch's
11 & 21 in Portland/Vancouver and
on the film festival circuit.

"I've served in the Army, I've had
friends die, most of my family has
served in the military. When I heard
the song by the Dropkick Murphy's I
cried so hard I had to pull off the
freeway. It took me about two months
of listening to the song every day
before I didn't tear up. I wanted to
make a film that was reverent, and
would touch other people and make
them remember forgotten soldiers. "   
Pete Robertson